Why Using Multiple Antivirus is a Stupid Idea

Why It is NOT GOOD to Use Two Antivirus at the Same Time
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Can I have two antivirus at once? This is one of the many recurring questions that come to me. Although I clarified that using two active antivirus at the same time is not a good idea as it can cause a false sense of security and different problems in the system.

In this case, the Kaspersky Lab tell us in a very simple way that Why it is not good to use two antivirus at the same time?

Why It is NOT GOOD to Use Two Antivirus at the Same Time?

Deadlocked: The antivirus scans the system to find other applications that used to monitor the system or keeps sending the information. For this reason, an antivirus program that is working (sending and monitoring) will become a malicious software in the eyes of another antivirus program installed on your computer, which will try to block it and remove it. But one cannot simply ignore the potency of the antivirus to remove a Trojan Horse level virus, because that’s the sole purpose of installing it, to begin with. There are viruses that come in all kinds, and target particularly vulnerable IP addresses. In such circumstances, if an antivirus doesn’t come to your aid, then a computer virus removal Boynton Beach would be your only hope.

Fight with the Virus: When antivirus detects  a virus or malware, it removes it and leaves it in quarantine. Now if another antivirus program finds the file, that will also want to do the same with the virus (at the end of the day that’s their job); repeatedly sending reports and notifications about a virus that has already been removed.

Resource Consumption: An antivirus program needs a lot of memory to analyze the system and to perform other operations. If we have two antivirus programs running at the same time, then the effectiveness of the system will be affected and impaired.

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Installing more than one antivirus will not assure better security in any way. We recommend to choose antivirus that were tested independently and have ability to fight against the latest malicious programs; protecting you from any kind of threat.

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