Why Should You Root Your Android Phone

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You may be wondering if you should root of your Android device or not. Rooting your device means you’re in charge of your own Android device and you can set your phone as you wish. After rooting your Android device, you can extend the battery life, install applications that are available only on rooted phones and speed up your Android device at the same time. You can even uninstall system bloatware that comes pre-installed with the phone We will tell you why should you root your Android device.

What is Root?

What is Root

We all know that the Android is based on Linux. In other UNIX and Linux operating systems, the root user is equivalent to the Administrator user on Windows. The root user has access to the entire operating system and can do anything.

By default, you do not have root access on your Android device, and some applications do not work without root access.

With ROOT access, you can disable bloatware that comes with the device, manually deny application permissions, run a firewall, access the entire file system, or tethering your device, even if the tethering feature has been disabled.

You can find many applications that require root access on the Internet, but will not work until you root the device.

Why Should You Root Your Android Phone?

Rooting gives you full control over your phone, including the right to change any file on the device, including system files. You can install customized version of Android that gives you more control and customization options. Old Android phones with Android versions 2.1 or Eclair can not use services like WiFi tethering, install applications on the SD card. All these can be achieved with the help of additional rooted phone applications. In the latest version of Android, overclocking CPU or under-clock phone is not allowed, which can be achieved with the help of applications on a rooted phone. Moreover, you can get the maximum sound over-driving the speakers if you have a rooted phone. You can change themes, bootloader, use your own image recovery, remove the basic applications of Android, like calendar, map etc. You can change the memory card location of the cache and install applications and backup applications.

Remove Bloatware

remove-bloatwareIf you own an Android phone, You will find many useless bloatware pre-installed on your phone. The bloatware on your phone takes up much space and consume battery life in background. Thus, many users are really upset with the bloatware, but still does not know how to get rid of them. In fact, you are able to easily remove the annoying bloatware from your Android device if it is rooted.

Make Your Android Phone Work Faster

make your android phone work fasterOf course, you can improve the performance of your Android phone by installing some third-party tools like Greenify. You can free up space by removing useless junk files and caches. You can delete useless bloatware, Stop hidden applications running in the background. What’s more, you will be able to activate some hardware specifications to get the better performance.

Install Applications Made for Rooted Phones

apps for rooted phonesYou can find hundreds of fantastic apps on Google Play. However, all of them are not compatible with your Android phone. Some applications are prohibited by operators or manufacturers for some reason and you are only allowed to install these applications after rooting your phone.

Backup Your Android Phone Completely

android full backupSince Android is open source, you are free to backup files on your phone, such as music, videos and docs. You can even backup your contacts on the sdcard. Unfortunately, when you format your phone or change a new Android phone, you lose all the apps on your phone. In these cases, you can twist your phone with the help of best backup apps like Titanium Backup which is only available for rooted phones. You can also make a full backup of your ROM to try out some new ROMs.

Keep Your Android Phone Up to Date

Android-UpdateThe new Android operating system always comes with new outstanding features. Users are able to get more and better user experience from the latest version of Android. But unfortunately, only certain types of flagship are supported by the latest version of Android. Most Android phone just have to wait for the manufacturer to make some adjustments to embrace more Android phones. However, you never know when this day would come. Thus, rooting your phone seems to be the best option. You can be the first to experience the latest version of Android to your Android phone.

Stop Annoying Ads

stop-the-ads-on-androidMany users are really upset about the ads that appear on your most used applications. There is a valid way to block the ads in applications. We can say that rooting your phone will do what you are looking for. Some of the best Ad-blocking apps are Lucky Patcher and AdAway.

Extend Battery Life

extend battery lifeYou know that the pre-installed applications on your phone are usually run in the background and consume battery life. To increase battery life, rooting your phone seems necessary, since, once rooted, you are allowed to use custom ROM. There are many resources, including battery saving tools that comes with custom ROM.

Change the ROM

change the romYou are allowed to change the ROM on your Android phone once your phone is rooted. The bootloader is open to you, and you are able to customize your phone by changing its ROM. You can optimize your phone by lifting the battery life, install applications that are free from ads and even try out the resources that only latest Android version are capable of.

Customize Your Way

customize your wayYou can take a number of steps to customize your rooted Android phone. For example, you can find the fonts folder in the /system/font. In addition, there are some saved files in /system/framework that you can use to customize the system. You are free to display the battery life, set the alignment of the notification bar tools etc.

Get Applications Installed on Your SD Card to Make More Room

Move-apps-to-sd-card-androidApps are commonly installed by default within the phone memory that is somewhat limited. If the applications take up much space on your Android device, the speed of your phone may become slower and slower. A good solution is to root your android phone so you can get the applications installed on the SD card of your phone to save more space on your phone. One of  the best apps is Link2SD.

Play Games on Your Android Device with the Game Controller

android game controllerIf you still have no idea if it’s possible to play games on your Android device with a game controller, we can say that the answer is yes. When the phone is rooted, you are allowed to connect the game controller to your phone using wireless Bluetooth.

Make Your Android Phone Completely Your Own Device

android-happyYou can have full control on your Android phone and be the actual owner once you get the root access. Many users may notice that operators and phone manufacturers are trying to add pre-installed applications on the device that can not be deleted. When you get the root access, you are free to cut the connection of your Android device with operators and manufacturers, that makes you a 100% owner.


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