Why Choose WordPress for Your Website?

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WordPress is a content management system (CMS) for web, which is being used increasingly not only for bloggers but also by companies specializing in website designing and development. e.g. institutional, content portals, business, corporate and others.

Why WordPress is becoming a good choice for building websites?

WordPress values ​​the ease of installation and development. Below are some features of WordPress in this regard:

  1. Websites can be developed rapidly.
  2. The WordPress installation is quick and very easy, and takes just 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. The code is open source, which encourages many programmers to develop other features with plugins, find problems and give new ideas for constant tool updates.
  4. The various plugins developed by the community assist in extending the functionality of WordPress to make the work easier. However, Other CMS like Joomla and Drupal are also available but the development and setting in WordPress is much simpler.
  5. Simple and easy website administration. With a focus on aesthetics, the Web Standards and usability, WordPress has become a friendly tool when administer the site.
  6. The websites developed in WordPress are fully editable, thus the user has full control over the site content.
  7. Intuitive system, easy to be administered, where you can add content, upload images and videos, among other features easily and quickly.
  8. Translated into many languages.
  9. SEO Friendly.

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is friendly to search engines, as it was developed based on some SEO concepts like:

  • Have SEO friendly URLs.
  • Several plugins to optimize the title and meta tags.
  • Using Ping-O-Matic – a free service that pings the major search engines to say that your site has been updated. For example: If you have a blog or a website in WordPress, every time you post new content, your site will be automatically pinged to the search engines. The CMS Joomla also has this feature, but often does not receive immediate exposure in the search engines. This is because Joomla does not have the innate ability to ping as WordPress.
  • SEO plugin are available to configure the title and description of your pages, which will show up in search engines.

WordPress for Websites and Blogs

Another important point to remember is that, today with WordPress you can develop well-structured sites with different functionalities, not just blogs.

What is the market share of WordPress?

compare-wordpress-joomla-drupal-othersAccording to a recent Fusion Vegas survey, 55% of sites that are among the first 1 million, use WordPress. This is the chart that compares WordPress with other available CMS.




The reason behind the rapid growth of WordPress websites is that WordPress is open source and free to use that facilitates community input. Its ease of use and its characteristics as content manager. So if you are looking for a CMS easy to learn, rapid development and still allow all site content is manageable intuitively, choose WordPress.

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