Wearable Technology and The Opportunity for Developers in This Area

Wearable Technology and The Opportunity for Developers in This Area
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Did you heard about wearable gadgets? Also known as wearables, this new category of electronic products has become one of the major trends in IT recent years.

Wearable technologies have changed the way we deal with technology. It provides new and comfort user experiences, as well as business opportunities for software developers. Wearables are portable, fast and convergent, and this new trend will put the technology in a new prominent role in our lives.

What are the Wearables?

Wearables are small electronic devices such as wristbands and smart watches, which can be used to collect information about our body (health related information such as heartbeat) and electronic services while connecting to our smartphone or directly to the Internet. It means you can read emails on your smartwatch and reply to them. Also there are wearable clothes with sensors and augmented reality devices such as Google Glass glasses.

Wearables are one of the greatest revolutions of this era. It brings the technology to more parts of our lives, with the advantage of being more “noticeable” than a mobile device.

Wearable Technology : Opportunity for Developers in This Area

In this scenario of greater convergence and mobility, wearable gadgets represent new opportunities for professionals in the software development area. Devices like the Apple Watch, the Motorola 360 and Microsoft Band are the “new frontier” of the development of mobile apps.

Wearable technologies can be integrated into the corporate world to improve the processes and the quality of services. In this sense, wearables can create a new forms of communication, more powerful applications and more digital and innovative business services.

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Integrated with new tools for big data and machine learning, wearables also improve the knowledge that companies have about their services, consumers and business partners. Each device represents a new source of information, more accurate and accessible. A good use of these records will allow the creation of APIs, applications and software solutions that integrate to the needs of users, generating higher profits for companies.

More Integration and Profits

In recent years, wearable technology has undergone a series of processes and innovations that have made it more personal. Computers came out of our desks and went to our pockets, wrists and even eyes. These devices are more intelligent and are able to offer a new user experience to people, young professionals and medium & large companies.

Wearable technologies represent a new way to create more interactive, practical and flexible user experiences. Software systems and digital solutions can be developed for various sectors, that will be able to provide more intelligent services to their clients.

Hospitals, for example, can monitor the health of their patients anywhere in the world. With the help of the internet. They will be able to make recommendations and assist in improving the quality of life of many people in real time. If smartphones were able to take the technology to our pockets in the early 2000s, wearables will take the internet to our wrists in this decade.

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