The Best Local SEO Practices for Your Business

The Best Local SEO Practices for Your Business
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Local SEO is a Digital Marketing Technique used by the top marketing companies like to optimize the website of a business in order to improve its ranking in the local organic search.

With a good Local SEO strategy, you can prepare your website to be easily found in a specific city or region, achieving greater visibility and relevance of your company and your business in the various search engines including Google. 

Check out some of my recommendations to improve the Local SEO of your Website:

Bet on Local SEO with Google My Business

The Google My Business is a free tool through which companies, brands, artists and organizations can manage their online presence in a number of Google platforms. Plumbers, home repairing companies, roofers and such other companies are increasingly looking up to SEO hacks to expand their business. You must have heard about RoofEngine which generates great roofing leads for roofers to help increase their visibility.

Once you created an account for your company, you should consider the advice as follows:

Best Practice to Setup a Google My Business Account

  • Choosing the Right Category: This is one of the most important steps. The category you select here will influence all the online visibility of the company in the search engines and platforms like Google+ or Google Maps. In this section, you must select a main category that best defines your business and add subcategories relevant to the action area of ​​your company.
  • Set the Name, Address and Contact Details Data: What you enter here should be should be the same on all your online platforms (and to own website) where the business is. This way is to reduce any confusion that may arise in consultation with the name of the company or business of the same category in a specific location. It is crucial that these data are 100% correct, it will be listed by Google in search results across multiple platforms. Boost your online presence with buffer alternatives.
  • Select Photos: Google My Business allow the inclusion of photographs in various categories (indoor & outdoor, services, staff, etc). The Account Manager must therefore choose images of high quality and mirror the nature of the business and working environment in it, because they will be used by Google in search results.
  • Set the Hours: The user should list the days and hours of operation of his business. It is essential that the information is always current, as it will have repercussions on business listings in the various Google platforms. An incomplete or incorrect listing of the operating period may mislead potential customers and can also result in negative reviews on the business page. The upgrade process of opening hours by Google My Business is not instantaneous and can take up to 24 hours.
  • Confirm Page: Google allows the My Business Account Manager to confirm your business page, ensuring the authenticity certificate. It can confirm the company’s page on Google My Business through various methods. The most popular are via postcard (can this way take about one week) or automated phone call.

Search Engine Optimization of Your Pages

A good SEO strategy begins with proper definition of tags (in HTML) on the main page of the business. It is important to note that in the case of Local SEO, strategy definition of keywords should also include the city or region where the business is located (example: computer store Delhi”).

The following HTML tags are the most important for the Business Owner:

  • <Title> The Title tag is one of the most important elements of SEO that describes the page content. For Local SEO purposes, the description of the Title shall contain the city or business operating region, containing between 55 and 60 characters.
  • <Meta Description> The Meta Description tag is used to describe the contents of a page in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). For a good Local SEO strategy, Meta Description should contain a slightly wider description of the page and the geographic location of keyword should not be forgotten. The Meta Description should contain between 145-160 characters. The numbers have to be maintained as exact as possible, because if there’s an inaccuracy in them, it might affect the SEO score of the website significantly. Vecro Tech specialises in these very parameters and is one SEO expert that can prove to be astute in its dealings. 
  • <H1> The H1 tag is used to organize information within the page by setting headers. The H1 has also impact on the ranking of the SERPs and is one of the key elements to consider in SEO strategy. It is also important to enter the geographical location of keywords in at least one of the H1 tag on page.
  • Attribute “Alt” in Images: The “Alt Text” provides information to search engines about your content. It is important to note that the keywords should be the same on your images alt tag and in meta and title tags.
  • URL (address): In addition to the above tags, it is advisable that the URL of the pages of the company contains the main geographical location keyword. The content placed periodically on the page (either on blog articles or otherwise) should also contain the main keywords in a contextual way.
  • Finally we strongly recommend that the company’s website must be compatible with mobile devices and that’s why we recommend you Web Site From TyMedia, as their website development aspect covers various devices regardless of its resolutions. The new Google algorithm gives priority to mobile friendly websites in search results.

Presence in Online Directories

Adding your company in online directories or apps like the Yellow Pages, Foursquare, etc significantly boost business visibility in online search results and drive traffic to the page.

Importantly, the name, address and contact details entered in the directories must match exactly with those available on the company website and Google My Business.

The Importance of Reviews

The reviews (appraisals) made ​​by users via a Google+ profile are automatically listed on the company page on Google My Business as well as on Google Maps and Google search results (by 1-5 ​​stars indication directly below the URL of the page).

The existence of business reviews is one of the local search ranking factors, and is also a major factor in the selection of users.

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