Soul Contract Agreement

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    Entering is a soul that has come into a host body in place of another soul. This can be done for a variety of reasons. There may be a soul contract between the two souls involved, that this exchange will take place at a specific time, although this is quite unusual. I have believed this since childhood that life was like a “gypsy”, which means that a nomadic person or a free spirit is prowling. Life is exactly like a gypsy who walks around and leads us from one place to another; It is not put in concrete. You can rewrite your soul contract while you travel with life. Exit clauses, as they`re called. In Prejudice, people take exit points in their life soul contract. There`s a lot to explore when it comes to soul contracts, but at the end of the day, most of the things you live in this life (maybe even everything) are described in your soul contracts. You are here at Earth School to learn how to grow and grow.

    And yes, sometimes it`s painful. And sometimes it`s positive to take your breath away. The main players in your life all signed contracts with you before they come here. It can be rewritten to help you experience a more fulfilling life soul contract. If you`re tired of doing the same thing over and over again and if you find life frustrating, or if you`re depressed and stuck, it`s a perfect way for you to rewrite your goals and life lessons and give you back your life and your joy that you want to accomplish. I love your work, first of all, and I love all your videos I`ve seen. I would like to sign up for one of your live courses, and now I have a question about a puppy that died of euthanasia in a shelter. She was 11 months old. Now my dog keeper had thrown 3 of my dogs on the highway, and it was the 1 that was put on his pit mix look. She was found by a police officer and then by a person who shot my three dogs until the shelter was called. I found out what had happened two weeks later, when my suspicions grew… Was their main exit point of the soul predetermined? And/ or was my puppy`s soul on his head? In this case, how do you know if the soul contract has been fulfilled or not? If it was premature, I understand that another animal can accept the contract.

    It`s true? Any insights would be appreciated? Thank you, Jay Our relationships reflect the energy we carry in us. What we project is what we believe, what we think, what we deserve, what we think is right and what we feel, but the people with whom we have relationships are there for a reason, and that is to teach us how reductive it can be, and therefore to show us the true path to self-fulfillment. A soul with which we have a contract is there to help us get rid of everything that limits and limits everything that blocks us and that we may not know. This path may not be easy, because the souls we encounter face challenges and are there to stimulate our growth. The school of the Earth, as I call this place, is ripe for reflection. Everyone we meet is either our teacher or our student, and sometimes both. Many spiritual masters believe that we enter into contracts with other souls before we reach earth (or any other level of reality, in theory) based on what we want to learn and experience. The Earth is a particularly dense and challenging place, which is why it is considered one of the “hardest schools to enter”. Only the most advanced or ambitious souls come here. Then pat yourself on the back. Ah, that`s it.

    Hello Danielle, Thanks in advance for the free tele-seminary! I have so many questions and, of course, fears. Is it possible to have a soul contract with someone in the mind? Every time I do my yoga or meditation, there is a man on my face, so close I can only see his strict eyebrows (I can even see his pores).

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