Peppermint OS 7 – A Superfast Linux Distribution

Peppermint OS 7 - A Superfast Linux Distribution
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Peppermint OS is one of the most popular and lightweight Linux distributions for low end machines. Peppermint OS 6 was released in May 2015 and now after successfully spending more than a year, the development team has released the version 7 that brings some interesting features.

Peppermint OS is an operating system that was created with the aim of supporting older hardware, giving new life to machines with limited hardware and system resources.

This latest version is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, which means that it will get support for five years. Peppermint OS 7 comes with Linux kernel 4.4 and brings LXDE as a working desktop environment.

Peppermint OS 7 - A Superfast Linux DistributionPeppermint OS 7 is available for both  32 bits and 64 bits system architecture and integrates the best of the available tools in the open source world: –

Office: Document viewer, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive

Internet: Chromium, Dropbox, BitTorrent Client, Ice

Graphics: Editor by Pixlr, Express by Pixlr, Image Viewer, Simple Scan, Screenshot

Multimedia: GNOME Mplayer 1.0.8 Media Player, Guayadeque Music Player

Accessories: Archive Manager, Calculator, File Search, Terminal, Gedit Text Editor, Printer Manager, Bluetooth Manager

Within Preferences, you can also find many tools for configuration and customization of the system itself.

According to the tests i performed, it was undoubtedly a good experience. First because it is super fast and stable and second because it is based on Ubuntu, which gives you a number of advantages.

Download: Peppermint OS 7

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  • Frank

    You have made some really good points here. I tried Peppermint OS and found it very useful as its lightweight and based on Ubuntu.