How to Reduce The Risk of Your Newsletter Being Considered as Spam

How to Reduce The Risk of Your Newsletter Being Considered as Spam
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The golden rule to deliver e-mail: Send e-mail to others as you are sending to you.

In this era where spam is a big issue, you need to be sure that your newsletter is successfully delivered to the recipients. Your Newsletter is sent only to those who signed up to receive them, but the risk is that the email is not delivered and is marked as SPAM. This all depends on how you format your emails and what you write in the fields.

A bad newsletter may result in the loss of your customer. After designing a perfect newsletter, what matters most is the delivery. The E-mails that are not delivered and rejected needs special attention. The analysis of how many emails were opened can help drastically to reduce the classification of anti-spam filters.

How to Reduce The Risk of Your Newsletter Being Considered as Spam

  • Never send unsolicited e-mails. Before sending, Ensure that people on your subscribers list are willing to receive your newsletter. Provide an unsubscribe option in your newsletter to let the subscribers get rid of it.
  • When collect names and email addresses from your web-site, ask new subscribers to add your email address in the address book. This prevents SPAM filters that blocks.
  • Whenever a subscriber wishes to be removed from your subscriber list, delete that subscriber email address, otherwise your email will be recognized as a spammer.
  • HTML emails are becoming more popular and most of the SPAM email are HTML formatted. This makes it difficult to differentiate the newsletter. So if you send your newsletter in HTML format, alternatively send another as plain text.
  • The language used in the newsletter should be adequate. Do not include topics on how to make money. Do not use too many punctuation marks.
  • Use smaller images, large images are generally considered SPAM.
  • Include links to the files that are on the website instead attach it to the message. With the increase of viruses in attachments, a message box can sort your newsletter as SPAM to avoid virus intrusion.

An efficient way to ensure that your newsletter will be delivered in the most effective way is to use an email marketing tool.

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