How to recover deleted text messages on your Android

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If you accidentally deleted one or all your stored SMS messages, and you desperately need them back – You have to act fast because the lost messages are recoverable until the portion of memory (in which they were saved) is rewritten. The longer you wait, the more likely that space temporarily occupied by a deleted message is overwritten by an application update, file download or anything else. Pick up your phone and Laptop / computer and let me show you how to to recover deleted text messages on your Android.

Tools to recover deleted text messages

There are a couple of different PC and Mac-based tools available.The special tool you choose will depend on your personal preference, but they basically do the same thing: scan your memory of Android, then identify and retrieve your ”deleted” messages. Some costs money, some are available for free.

Whatever tool you choose, all of them will guide you through the process, which is usually only four steps long: connect, scanning, viewing, recover (the same process works for deleted data also).

How to recover deleted text messages on your Android

Depending on which program you choose, the steps may be slightly different, but the process is very similar (I use Wondershare for illustrative purposes here):

1. First, enable the Developer options on your Android phone. For do this, go to Settings>>About phone and rapidly tap on Build Number.  You will see the notification that the Developer options has been activated.

2. Go to Developer Options> USB Debugging and check the box (or turn the key on, depending on your version of Android).

3. Download and install the free version Wondershare (or other recovery tool of your choice) and connect your Android phone to your computer.

4. Follow the instructions in the recovery program to identify your device and scan or analyze memory of your Android.

5. Once the process is complete, you can browse and view both data deleted and not deleted on your Android device. If the specific portion of memory in which the data was originally stored was not overwritten, then you can recover.

6. Next, open the message folder in the left pane, select the messages you want to recover and click Recover on the bottom right to put them back on your device or save them to your computer to safe keeping.

Note: If you want to complete this process without a PC, you will need root access to your device and more than likely a recovery application. You are free to do it the way you like, but it’s easy (and free) to use on computer.

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