How to Install Multiple Applications at Once

how to install multiple applications at once
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After re-installation of your operating system, Your first step is to download and install all your favorite applications. You spend a lot of time downloading installers and Next-Next-clicking through setup wizards. Since you have to download and install each application individually, the process can become very time consuming and annoying. Today I am going to share a new service that lets you install Multiple Applications at once.

NiniteNinite is a cool service that let you install multiple applications at once. It is simple to use and has a large selection of popular freeware and open source applications. Just pick the apps you want to install, download the Ninite installer, then walk away and do something fun while it does all the work for you.

The service installs the software with default settings and says “NO” to any extra crap-ware (like browser toolbars). Ninite isn’t even installed on your system, you just use a stand alone (Portable) executable to begin the install process

Features of Ninite

      • Supports Windows (XP/Vista/7/8) and Linux Operating Systems.
      • Start working as soon as you run it.
      • Not bother you with any choices or options.
      • Install apps in their default location.
      • Say no to toolbar or extra junk.
      • Install 64-bit apps on 64-bit machines.
      • Do all its work in the background.
      • Install the latest stable version of an app.
      • Skip up-to-date apps.
      • Skip any reboot requests from installer.
      • Use you proxy setting from internet explorer.
      • Download apps from each publisher’s official website.
      • Save you a lot of time.

Using Ninite – How to Install Multiple Applications at Once

Go to the Ninite Website and pick the software apps you want to install.

Ninite - Install Multiple Applications at OnceNinite-ProgressAfter you made your choices, click on the Get Installer button at the bottom of the list. Download the Ninite installer file & Run it. A progress screen is displayed while it downloads and installs your selected programs.

You’ll see the icons of the programs that you installed on the desktop and in the start screen. The default install paths and settings are automatically chosen for you with no crap-ware at all. Now you can enjoy using your favorite apps with little effort on your part. It couldn’t be easier, it’s so easy that even a kid can pull it off.

Go to Ninite and Easily Install Software

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