Control Your PC Using Your Android Device

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Now a day computers are one of the best medium of entertainment and communication. Suppose you are watching a movie laying on your bed and want to skip some scenes or mute the volume or anything you want to do in your computer without leaving the bed, You have two option: 1) Getup and pick the mouse, 2) your android phone in your hand turned into a wireless remote. Imagine how awesome it would be if you can control your PC (Mouse, Keyboard, Media Players, etc.) right from your android device wirelessly.

How to Control your PC using your Android Device

There are a lot of applications available on the Google Play Store. Most of them are good enough. The few good application for remotely control your PC are: Unified Remote Full, Limitless Remote, AIO Remote. You just have to install the application on your android and run a PC server on your PC provided by the developer.

So after reviewing and comparing about 6-7 apps I found Unified Remote Full is the most feature-rich remote app on Play Store. It is not available for free and priced RS.100 INR on Google Play Store.

Unified Remote Developer’s Description

Unified Remote is an app that lets you control your entire Windows computer from your Android device. In short, it turns your device into a WiFi or Bluetooth remote control for all the programs on your computer. It is easily the most feature-filled PC remote available. With our app you can control a wide range of applications, including simple mouse and keyboard, media players, and other external hardware that can be connected to your computer.

Unified Remote Features

The Unified Remote app is available as both a free version and a full version. The free version offers a limited set of remotes and some extra features are disabled. The full version offers all the remotes, extra features such as NFC and Voice, and the ability to make custom remotes. The server application is same for both versions and is free. See Full Features and Available Remotes on Google Play Store.

How to Configure Unified Remote

I have removed the license verification from APK

  1. Download the Full Version of Unified Remote from the above link. Extract it and install the APK on your Android Device.
  2. Download and Install the PC Server on your Windows Computer.
  3. Turn on the Bluetooth of your Android and PC.
  4. Run the Unified Remote PC Server on your Computer.
  5. Select the Server on Your Phone.
  6. Done!

Helpful Screenshots:

Unified Remote PC Server
Unified Remote Android Client
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