Areas of Expertise in Information Technology

Areas of Expertise in Information Technology
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In this article I will show several areas in the IT sector. By reading this, you can see and choose the profile that suits you best. I will present the activities of each area and the base salary as of today.

A few years ago there used to be a lot of IT professionals who were known to “do everything” i.e. “IT guy”. However, as the time passes, this anthology is changed and brought the categorization of professionals. In this era, There are people working only with the database, only with programming or only with design. On the other hand, people design applications, testing applications. But basically, the “do everything” is now almost extinct.

I will now list the main areas of operation in IT sector, what you will be doing, how much you earn, pros and cons etc.

Areas of Expertise in Information Technology

Database Manager

Database-Manager-Areas-of-Expertise-in-Information-TechnologyThe database administrator (DBA – DataBase Administrator) is responsible for maintaining and managing databases, or database system. This professional create, manages, updates, and monitors the center of information of a system.

Recommended Training: Advanced Course in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or any other area of mathematical basis.


  • Creation, testing, and backup to ensure recoverability of data in case of hardware failure or other severe problems.
  • Check and ensure the database integrity.
  • Having a control access to data such as who can access and what they can access.
  • Ensuring access to the database in as long as possible.
  • Ensure maximum performance for the database.
  • Assist the development team and the test team to maximize the use and performance of the database.

Salary: Varies from $800 to $2,500 dollars.

Network Analyst

Network-Analyst-Areas-of-Expertise-in-Information-TechnologyThe network analyst or network administrator is tasked to manage the local network and computing resources that are directly related to the network.

The profile of this professional must have technical or university degree in Computer Networks, Computer Science or equivalent, and / or be a person with extensive experience in information technology. It is important to be familiar with the equipment and software with which it works, and as a way to prove the so valued certifications issued by large companies through evidence. Examples are the MCP, MCSA and MCSE, Microsoft professional certifications; And also the famous Cisco-CCNA Training, seen by many professionals as a mandatory requirement for those who want to ensure their place in the market of large enterprises, in early career.

Recommended Training: Advanced Course in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or any other area of mathematical basis.


  • Installation and expansion of the local network.
  • Install and configure the LAN gateway following the guidelines of “Usage Rules”.
  • Direct and / or assist administrators of the subnets in the installation / expansion of the subnet; to keep running the local network, and providing and optimizing the computing resources available.
  • Control and monitor the performance of the local network and subnets as well as the equipment and installed operating systems.
  • Keep up the DNS-related data from the LAN machines.
  • Ensure the integrity and confidentiality of information under management and check instances of violations and / or safety.

Salary: Varies from $1,000 to $16,00 dollars.

Security Analyst

Security-Analyst-Areas-of-Expertise-in-Information-TechnologyResponsible for network security (equipment, operating systems, servers and clients and used programs). They also monitors intrusion attempts and misuse of network resources, and to establish and maintain the rules of use of computing resources of the company.

Recommended Training: Advanced Course in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or any other area of mathematical basis.


  • Design and maintenance of network security scheme, including safety equipment (physical access), data (non-authorized access) and operating client and server systems; this professional proposes, implements and monitors the security policy regarding the use of computational resources.
  • Network security configuration and maintenance.
  • Constant monitoring of new aspects related to security (new hacking techniques, new security bugs found in products on the network, etc.).
  • Depth knowledge of TCP / IP protocol and operating systems from existing clients and servers in the enterprise.
  • In some companies, the Security Analyst is also required to know the programming languages ​​used by the company, this professional is much more rare to find in the market and the salary is proportionally greater.
  • Deep knowledge of network configuration, Update rules and firewalls.
  • Knowledge of typical inter-network protocols (Frame Relay, X.25, ATM, etc.).
  • Use of network traffic monitoring tools, including sniffers.

Salary: Between $1,200 to R $ 1,800 dollars.

System Analyst

System-Analyst-Areas-of-Expertise-in-Information-TechnologyThe systems analyst (involve in systematizing information), is one that is intended to perform computational processes studies to find the best and most rational way for the virtual information can be processed. This professional studies the different existing hardware and software of systems and the end user, including their behaviors and applications.

Recommended Training: Advanced Course in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or any other area of mathematical basis.


  • Management of flow of information generated and distributed computer networks within an organization.
  • Planning and organization of the processing, storage, retrieval and availability of information.
  • User support and technology infrastructure.
  • Project management.
  • Requirements elicitation, analysis, specification, system design, programming, testing, approval, implementation and monitoring of the systems required by its users.
  • Creation of new products and computer services.

Salary: Analyst internet systems: $1,800 to $2,500 dollars. Systems Analyst: $1,200 to $ 2,100 dollars.

Support Analyst

Support-Analyst-Areas-of-Expertise-in-Information-TechnologyThe support analyst is a specialist IT professional constantly updated with new hardware and software in Technology. Responsible for after sales maintenance of the physical structure of computers, the network structure of local area networks and operating systems. Support Analyst is also a manager of people and relationships.

Recommended Training: Specialization in Support Analyst after higher education.


  • Install and maintain the various operating systems.
  • Install and maintain digital communication (e-mail, WEB, FTP, VPN, etc.).
  • Install and maintain management systems (ERP).
  • Install and maintain database systems (DBMS).
  • Provide support to users of the company or organization.

Salary: Varies from $275 to $1,900 dollars.

Graphic Designer

Graphic-Designer-Areas-of-Expertise-in-Information-TechnologyThe graphic designer is the professional qualified to perform activities related to graphic design. Thus, the graphic designer is one professional who brings structural form and the printed visual information. Examples of work of a graphic designer are diagrammed pages of a book or a magazine, the visual configuration of a package, company logos etc.

The scope of its activity can also be extended to the level of a web designer. They are relevant to the graphic designer works over technologies that serve as tool and building a visual presence online.

Recommended Education: Degree in Arts or Degree in Multimedia and Animation.


  • Creating graphics for the Internet, magazines, newspapers, and other media.
  • Project usability and accessibility.
  • Creation of website layouts
  • * The designer creates anything and everything from graphics to the keyboard and mouse that you are using now. A graphic designer is a person who defines the shape of things.

Salary: Graphic/Web Designer: $500 to $1,500 dollars.

Web Developer

Web-Developer-Areas-of-Expertise-in-Information-TechnologyA web programming professional is responsible for the development of websites, portals, forums, and applications related to the internet environment. Usually these services can be accessed through a browser and are hosted on web servers.

Recommended Education: 2nd technical degree or Degree in IT / Data Processing / Computer Engineering.


  • Programming and code websites, portals, systems for the internet.
  • Ensure safety and maintaining web applications.
  • Apply ways to improve the performance of the website.
  • Create software / Backend systems.
  • Porting desktop applications on the web.

Salary: Between $700 to $1,500 dollars

Desktop Programmer

Desktop-Programmer-Areas-of-Expertise-in-Information-TechnologyA programmer may be someone who develops or maintain software on a large mainframe system, or someone who develops software primarily for use on personal computers.

Recommended Training: To be a computer programmer, it is necessary to have a technical diploma, which can be routed in parallel or after the completion of high school. Because of competitive market, extra courses are important to differentiate the curriculum at the time of selection.


  • List or read the specifications of programs provided by a systems analyst, and execute tasks step by step that the computer must run.
  • Analyze the problem and the find the best way to solve it.
  • Prepare diagrams to show the sequence of procedures to be adopted by the machine
  • Encode these instructions to a computer language.
  • After implementation of the instructions, the programmer should test the entire system, through simulation, to verify faults, bugs and possible adjustments.
  • If accessories (printers, fax boards) connected to the system, rewrite control programs of these accessories so that they become compatible with the information processed.
  • Test all changes until there are no more problems and check their efficiency with systems analyst.

Salary: Between $500 to $2,500 dollars

This is a base of the business areas of IT industries. The other areas are much based on what these professionals are assigned.

The base salary was found on the website of Forbes Magazine.

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