7 Reasons to Stop Working with IT

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We all know that IT is one of the most stressful careers you can choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that may make you decide to drop the beloved career in IT.

7 Reasons to Stop Working with IT

1. Stress

Never let anyone say that an IT career is easy. It is rare an occasional when someone has a job in the IT field and there is no stress. Remember, IT is disaster management. When a customer or user calls you, it is almost always an emergency that must be addressed immediately. And when you are working in this area, you need to do everything right with perfection because a failure can cost you a contract or employment. What makes this worse is the fact that stress never decreases. Every minute of the day you will be working more and more than you could expect.

2. Hours

If you want a job from Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 hours, look elsewhere – IT seems to be a job that came with you 24/7. Professionally, on average you not only add more hours at the office but also have to work out of the office to keep your skills up to date and make sure that you are better than other guys coming in your area. One more problem is that your friends and family will want to take advantage of your knowledge and keep their computers running free. Waste all your precious time.

3. Get Paid

If you are hired as a freelancer, one of the most stressful issues is to be paid. I do not know how many IT professionals know they had hire a lawyer to get paid. And when you work and do not get paid, you do not eat. This causes too much stress. You do not have the advantage of having the check deposited regularly every 15 days or once in a month. Improving your interpersonal skills is critical to maintaining these relationships. It takes much time to make good relations (even with people not so good), to finally receive your payment.

4. People (in general)

I hate talking about that part. A long time ago I was that kind of very positive person, gentle, optimistic, and loved by all. But after joining the IT firm, I found that people are taking advantage of me, I’m being used, unpaid, underpaid, undervalued and more. This does not mean that people in general are bad. It’s just the fact that when you wear the IT shirt, people seem to look at it in a different light. You are both the savior and sinner in a stressed combination.

5. The Chain of Command

Let’s face. Not all superiors are friendly with IT and may not understand your work or even their requirements. They think you should be able to do everything on a shoestring budget without help and should treat end-users as they are better human beings than you. To make matters worse, these superiors want you magically make PCs and expect to last more than a decade or want a complex software within a day. This misconception in relation to tasks and technology makes their work impossible. You know your job and responsibilities. Management also know their work, but they do not know anything about the work they give you, which really makes it very stressful.

6. Technology

Have you ever had one of those days when it seems that all technology has rebelled against you and that uniqueness may be on the horizon? In these days you will be wishing to leave the company with your belonging. This was one of the issues which had to deal since working with an IT consulting firm. As everyday new technology comes, for example, you are best in some technology and you are very confident, but one day you hear that a new technology came and you lost everything. In beginning you win the battle, but lose at the end. The days of victory are always lost in the pile of days of defeat.

7. Competition

One thing that you can count – there will always be someone better than you. But in the IT industry is not a ratio of 1:1. Instead, it seems that for each of you there are a hundred IT professionals who are smarter, faster and better equipped. This relationship is quickly converted into dollar signs. Remember: the landscape is constantly changing, and if you cannot follow it, you cannot be hired or stay unemployed. As I am in this business for the last 4 years, I realize that it’s a game for young people. Being fast when necessary, be able to work in off hours….. all that counts. I’m not saying that older people cannot work in this business. They can. But every day they work, is another day that will have even more competition added to the medium, and it is fierce.


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