6 Apps That You Must Uninstall From Your Android

6 Apps That You Must Uninstall From Your Android
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Almost all Android users have apps on their smartphones that are totally superfluous. Many of them even worsen the performance of your device. Here’s our list of apps that you must uninstall from your android. Replace them with the respective alternatives to save the battery and boost the performance of your android device.

Excessive battery consumption, stratospheric usage data plan, useless functions or outdated services: some far-flung apps do more harm than good to your user experience with Android. Here are the villains:

1. Facebook

The Facebook application is a social networking tool loaded with features, with which you can make your life more social. It keeps you informed when you’re tagged in a picture, when a friend’s birthday or when someone comments on your photo. These functions makes a series of services that run in the background, which costs a lot of battery and RAM of your device, and makes your phone super slow. Thus, it is a good idea to uninstall the social network app.

Instead using the application, you can access Facebook in your favorite web browser.

2. Weather.com (or any other weather app)

Weather Applications or Widgets take up a lot of space and consume a large amount of data, by updating forecasts at regular intervals (you like it or not). To know the time or weather condition of a place , you do not need a specific application: just ask Google! Type “weather” and you can find the weather in your city. This option saves, working memory (RAM), internal memory, internet data and battery.

3. 360 Security (or any other antivirus app)

Your Android device already have native services to prevent the installation of viruses and malware. In addition, anti-virus applications often have an anti-theft function, which requires administrator access. So you can block your device when your device is stolen. Google already offers this service called: (Android Device Manager) and the Play Store also has the efficient filters to prevent virus apps. So you do not need any Antivirus App on your device.

4. Clean Master (or any cleaning application)

Cleaning applications promise more space in your device memory. It’s true! For example: when you delete apps, the app leaves some data file on the smartphone, and many applications use internal memory to cache data. However, we do not need applications to perform cleaning. Go to the Android Settings> Storage and point to Cached Data or Miscellaneous. you can manually delete the cache and junk files. Services such as Clean Master operates regular cleanings, but also consume more battery and your data plan for advertising.

5. DU Battery Saver (or any battery saver or task killer app)

You do not need any battery saver or task killer app on your device. These app comes with a lot of permissions and always runs in background for showing ads. I believe that these applications consume more battery than they save. If you want to save the battery of your android device, Read our guide to save the battery of your android device. Alternatively, You can install an app, called Greenify.

6. Default Web Browser

We all know that no one like the default web browser which comes pre-installed on your android device. We mostly use UC, Dolphin, Firefox, Maxthon, or some other browser. Then its a good idea to get rid of the default browser. Its based in on old engine, which does not receive security updates and makes your internet surfing vulnerable. To protect your passwords and private data, always choose a current browser which receives regular updates.

To get rid of the default web browser, go to Settings> Applications> All and disable the app. The advantage of using alternate browsers like Dolphin, UC, or Firefox, they increase the safety, have data saving features, plus the possibility of synchronization (Bookmark, Settings, History, etc) with all your device on different platforms.

Extra Notes:

You can also disable Google Bloatware i.e. Google Play Books, Movies, Newsstand, Drive, Maps, etc to save the battery and boost the performance of your android device.

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