What is 4G Network : How It Works and What its Advantages

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4G Network is 100 times faster than the 3G. 4G network changed the way we connect to the Internet. Major mobile operators have already announced their 4G plans. But most of the people don’t know that what is 4G Network and what is the difference between the 3G and 4G? How 4G works? Anyway, let’s clarify these things and other questions so that you can better understand what is 4G Network!

What is 4G Network?

4G is the acronym that defines the fourth-generation mobile telephony. The successor of second and third generation, 4G works with LTE (Long Term Evolution) – which is a data transmission technology based on WCDMA and GSM. However, The 4G technology prioritizes the internet data, but of course it does not rule out the idea of making voice calls.

In tests conducted by researchers, the LTE technology reached a data transfer rate of 300 Mbps on download and 75 Mbps on upload. Of course, the tests were performed in the laboratory which maximizes power. The actual speed is around 100 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload.

What is the difference between 4G and 3G?

Both technologies are already present in mobile telephony and work similarly, but with some significant differences between the networks.

The way which the signal travels is still the same: the mobile device sends a signal to the towers, and then they pass on the data to a central. The big change is the equipment used. The frequencies are different, and so the 4G network requires different antennas than the 3G network.

The antennas are lower, but the signal is slightly more dense. 4G towers can share the signal with about 300-400 people.

What is the difference between 4G and 3G

Another difference is that the 3G radio waves are responsible for the transmission of data between the towers and antennas to the central office. In the case of the 4G network, the information is passed via optical cabling, aka Optical Fiber. This makes the band width larger and maximize the speed.

Device must be compatible to support 4G

To avail the benefits of 4G, you need a handset that support this type of technology (LTE). There are currently numerous devices already available with the 4G network in the market.

What are the benefits of 4G Network?

There are numerous benefits of 4G Network. You can take advantage of more advanced technology. Internet users can experience a faster internet with a great ease in loading and sending the data. For example, you can watch movies in high definition (HD).

4G promises to increase the internet speed up to 180 times than the speed of 3G network. Stability is also a feature of this network besides having access to more users at once.

How 4G works?

4G network transmit signals over optical fiber, making the response time approximately between 20 and 40 ms.

The network prioritizes the data traffic, and thus the network is faster and stable.

Negative Points

Besides the users have to purchase a device that supports 4G technology, currently the 4g coverage are smaller than the 3G network in India.

Currently, the major mobile manufacturers are launching new devices with the 4G technology. So the trend is that the 3G network will no longer exists after a few years and will be replaced by the 4G network. In addition to the new 4G compatible devices, you also need to have a plan with your carrier that supports 4G technology.


In addition to being faster, 4G technology will transform the way we are connected to the internet. Currently, more than 30 countries rely on the operation of the network, and gradually, other countries will adhere to this model.

The 4G technology in India is already launched by Airtel and Reliance in several cities. Other operators like Vodafone and Idea are also planning to launch their 4g Services in the start of 201. The new 4G devices are being launched everyday in the market. You can contact your operator to know the best plans and be connected to the more stable, faster and modern way that we currently have.

Admit it, five years ago you found it impossible to talk to a friend on video calls while away from home or out of reach of a wireless network, right?

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