10 Tips on How to Sell More and Better

How to Sell More and Better
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With an increasingly competitive market, sales professionals need to be prepared very well to before meeting the customers, so that they can make good and profitable sales. Therefore, to continuously increasing our results, we must develop sales techniques that can automate this process and produce more results in the shortest time. In today’s article, we will cover 10 tips on how to sell more and better!

Competitiveness and Commercial Practice Area:

Currently, the competition is very large. A large number of competitors and the fight for price and more advantageous commercial conditions are hindering the role of the seller.

I believe that the advancement of technology helps our customers to have a larger arsenal of knowledge, keeping them up to date on trends and better prepared to negotiate with you.

The Seller Role is to Sell More:

A capable seller is not one that just sell, but the one that makes your customer a friend, strengthening the relationship and engaging them in their business. That means we need to make our customers our vendors, that is, to tell them to indicate that they are your friends and family.

Technological devices, financial document with pen, glass of water at workplace on background of three business partners striking deal

The sales professional must have clear objectives and targets to sell more and better!

10 Tips on How to Sell More and Better:

I am going to share you the techniques that can be used regardless of whether you sell! Product or Service! Sold in person or by phone! These are simple tips that will bring real effects and good commissions.

1 – Smile ALWAYS!

Smile conveys warmth and elegance. This means that you will convey your customers happy. Smiling is the beginning of a good relationship and also serves to crack the existing BUYER SELLER X barrier in most negotiations.

This tip can be used in telephonic sales, because you can, convey the message of joy to your client, even from a distance. But apart from the sale, a smile still earns a friend!

2 – Call your Customer by Name!

Call the customer by name seems to be basic and even obvious, right? But I see MANY vendors make this absurd mistake. They even forget or miss the customer’s name while making the presentation of the product.

call your customers by name

So SPEAK the name of the client when talking. If you do, in the first minute of conversation, the client will get you and your idea  more easily and you can feed more information more easily.

3 – Planning is Key!

Plan before talking to the customer. Believe me, your sale starts before contact with the client. Studying what he does or what he really wants to buy. Being prepared is the best way to sell more and better.

When you plan on how you will meet the client, and how you will present your products, How to conduct business and starting to close, You will have more CONFIDENCE while talking to the customer and automatically transmits more CREDIBILITY!

4 – Use Open and Closed Questions:

The best sales technique, in my opinion, is to know what your customer really wants to BUY!

OPEN questions: It exposes more freely what he wants, use OPEN questions. This type of technique let the client speak freely because the answer is not objective.

CLOSED questions: Now that you have talked a lot with your customer and understand what he really wants to buy, we need to use the CLOSED questions, i.e questions where the answers are “yes” or “no.”

5 – Focus on SOLUTION, not the Client Money!

Unfortunately, the pressure of business and leadership to knock the target, many sellers end up putting their motivation exclusively on the value of the order or how much a customer can “spend”.

Aim to fully meet your client’s NEEDS and leaves it as possible satisfied with your purchase. In addition to being commercially correct, this attitude is extremely ethical and shows that you are a professional committed to the satisfaction of your client.

6 – Stay Updated!

Read a lot, everything! Books, magazines, blogs and digital magazines in your area. If you are well informed about this segment will transmit security and credibility when negotiating with your customer. There is nothing better than knowledge to sell more securely and better!

7 – Explain the BENEFITS of Products to Generate VALUE:

PRICE-based negotiations convey the following message to the client: “I am SPENDING money to buy XYZ product.” When you explain the BENEFITS of your product, show the customer that he is INVESTING because it generates VALUE for him.

Talk about the BENEFITS and add VALUE is actually making the price of your product less relevant as possible to that at the time of closing, the sale happen more naturally.

8 – Value Your Position and Profession!

Value your PROFESSION and your KNOWLEDGE. Value the profession is proud to be seller, be proud to meet and serve your customers and conducting business with ethics and wisdom, keeping the focus on the full satisfaction of the client.

However, if you know that your customer is “playing”, “playing” or “auctioning off” with you, know your VALUE and do not meet more. You may even lose a sale, but will keep your dignity and show you are a true professional!

9 – Provide Great Solution / Service!

To meet your clients, you need to be very well prepared, well dressed, use a consistent vocabulary with your market and convey credibility to the customer.

In addition to these factors highlight the importance of demonstrating that takes pleasure to serve you and assist you in your purchase. The best service is the one that achieves the full satisfaction of the client.

10 – Learn to END Conversation!

You are prepared, you know everything about your product, you used OPEN questions to understand the real benefits of your customer and CLOSED questions at the time of submission, showing safety and answering any questions your client?


Closing a sale is actually the culmination of all actions made so far. The best closure is that the customer do NOT realize that he is buying as he is fully confident that you and your product is the right choice.

Just to illustrate, I use in my talks during the end of the conversation, CLOSED Questions, but focused on completion of the sale:-

  • “Prefer to pay by check or payment slip?”
  • “I can deliver the product in your company or would you prefer in your office?”

In short – 10 Tips to Sell More and Better

  1. Always smile!
  2. Call your customer by name!
  3. Planning is key!
  4. Use open and closed questions!
  5. Focus on SOLUTION!
  6. Keep up to date!
  7. Use the BENEFITS to generate VALUE!
  8. Value your profession and your position!
  9. Make a great SERVICE!
  10. Learn to END Conversation!

Using these 10 tips on how to sell more and better I am absolutely sure that your sales skills will be better developed, your customers will be more satisfied and accordingly you will earn more money!

Good Sales and SUCCESS!


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