10 Tips and Tricks for You to Use with WordPress

10 Tips and Tricks for You to Use with WordPress
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In this article, I tried to bring tips and trick to use with the fantastic website development tool WordPress, which I have learned in past. You will see tips on where to get the information you need and still a few tricks I learned from other websites of WordPress world.

1. Use the WordPress Codex Scripts

WordPress comes with a ton of scripts embedded in his Codex. There are several lines of code built on JQuery that you can use with functions like wp_enqueue_script() and wp_enqueue_style(), which can save your customization work of your WordPress site. These options are very useful as you do not need to install plugins unnecessarily, and this result in performance boost in your WordPress website.

In this post, You will find some very useful tips and functions included in the WordPress Codex or if you are interested in learning more about how to use the functions, then please visit the official page of the WordPress Codex.

2. Set the Quality of JPG Images

You can create a function in WordPress to set the standard quality of JPEG images, which the size can be reduced at 90% by default . It is not possible for an ordinary user to understand the difference of 100% to 80%, so we advise to use the lowest value in order to save space, bandwidth and fasten the loading of your pages.

Below is the function to set the quality of JPG images on WordPress:

3. FeedBurner Redirection

FeedBurner is used in almost all blogs as a complementary tool in loyalty strategy of your website content players. Until recently I used a plugin for the redirection of feed of WordPress sites to FeedBurner, then I found the code below to create a simple function that performs this task with ease:

4. Add Custom Fields in User’s Profile

WordPress does not yet have the functionality to add custom fields to the profile of the users. This task can be easily solved by using plugins, but there is also a simple function which do the work easily.

5. Add Custom Post Types in Your RSS Feed

According to the opportunites digitales website, it is not rare to see the use of Custom Post Types for targeting content of WordPress sites. But this content is not available to anyone who signs the feed of your site, the function below solves this problem:

6. Custom Queries to the Database

If you need some more information than what the WordPress functions offer, you can use the wpdb class to query the database directly. Here’s how to use the class in the code below:

7. Save Resources Customizing the Revisions of the Post

The revisions feature of the posts created in WordPress is not widely used by most users. But create entries in the database, and even if they are not used, they will remain in the database until you clean and optimize your database. So if you do not use the post revision feature of WordPress, you can disable it, or limit it by placing the following code in your wp-config.php file.

8. Display Featured Images in Your RSS Feed

If you use Feature images in your posts, you can use this to encourage readers of your Feed to visit your website. By default WordPress does not show the featured image on RSS feed, so to change it we will use the code below:

As you can see, the code allows and insert the image, you can customize your feed by inserting more HTML code.

9. Exclusive Content to Readers of Your RSS Feed

You can add exclusive content for subscribers of your RSS feed as a strategy to increase your subscribers or display targeted ads to the audience of your website. For example, you could offer a digital bait, or freebies available only to them.

To do this we will create a code to generate a new shortcode with the code below:

10. Display Content only for Logged in Users

In this last tip, The below code is used to show certain content only for registered users. The code below creates a new shortcode for you to hide the contents of users who are not a member of your website:


There are many other tips and tricks that i will try to bring here to the Technology Blog. You can also share what you do with your WordPress. if you have any tips or tricks that you use with WordPress, share here in the comments so we all can learn more.

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